Bad Buff Orp??


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Mar 19, 2018
We have 4 hens in an urban-ish setting. They have a well built coop with a spacious run... I let them free range when I am at home. Our Buff Orpington has become quiet a nuisance recently. She has always been my loud, "bad" chicken, but lately several neighbors have commented on the noise. I have tried several different solutions- pine straw bales, lettuce, cabbages, even a swing (oh, the grief I caught for the that one). My guess is that she just wants to free range all the time & is going to make sure I know she is unhappy in the pen.

My next move is to give her to a friend with a farm. I guess my question is how difficult would it be to introduce a new bird to our flock? And, could I introduce just one? I would worry their run would begin to get too crowded.

Any breed suggestions that do well in confinement in Birmingham, AL (read- HOT summers, usually mild winters). We have 2 Dominiques and 1 Easter Egger as well.
My buff was definitely the boss in our coop.... but she was so skittish and unfriendly, which seems to go against their general breed description. I guess they are animals and all have their own personalities.

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