Bad Chicken :(


7 Years
Mar 2, 2012
Does anyone know what I should do with a chicken who keeps pecking at faces? My black Australorp 'Dartha' (named for her evil namesake Darth Vader) decided over the last 2-3 days to turn into a really naughty girl! She pecked the neighbor boys' lip and made him bleed, and today pecked at my 2y/o eyes in a full on frontal attack! She's only 7.5 weeks old and I have no idea why she's suddenly aggressive (doesn't seem sick or overcrowded) but here's the damage on my sweet boy:

What do I do!? Does she need to be rehomed?
Thank you for the quick reply! I needed to hear that. I feel bad because she'll sit on my own lap no problem, but we have 3 small children that she also must do well with. I'll list her tonight.
I have a 3 yr. old girl. If one of my chickens or ducks went after her it would be the last time they did. Some animals just do not get along with kids but have no problems with adults. Sorry. Hopefully she will go to someone that can give her a good home. Just be honest in why you are getting rid of her. You don't want her hurting anyone else. Good luck.
Isn't this somewhat common if a chicken is near one's face? And unfortunately with small children, with their height the hen is more likely to be at their face level. I don't have my own yet, but from what I've read and experienced it's part of many hens' behavior. They explore by pecking.

I would mention it to whomever wants to take her home, but I hope she finds a home rather than becoming dinner! I'm sorry your son was on the receiving end - is he OK or now afraid of the chickens?
Poor little guy! First, get rid of the chicken. (Are you sure she's a she?) Second, don't let ANY chicken near your face! They are curious and will peck at things.
He's pretty terrified of them, but it's been building for a while. Suddenly he's "fear-boy" LOL, and just a chicken pecking at his shoe sends him running and yelling "Mama!" Poor guy.
I have no idea why so many people let small children so close to their chickens! Sorry for your trouble, but chickens will peck at lots of things & small children should never be at eye level. Chickens are not always sweet & cuddly.

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