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  1. I usually just order my own birds but recently though maybe it would be fun to add a few (3) white egg layers. So while out shopping I stopped into TSC. I was apalled. They had close to 30 chicks that were about 3 weeks old in oval water tanks (3 tanks 30 per tank) and then about 25 ducks also crammed in a tank and covered in food, water & feces. The chickens were all bald and had sores from all the picking and the very depressing part was that they have tanks full of new fluffy babies that will be in the same boat in no time flat. I understand that chicks are not selling well yet as it is not officially spring here and people don't want to mess with chicks in snow (alot of local feed stores dont stock chicks until after easter) But for heavens sake throw up a 1/2 price sign. They are living beings with a short shelf life. I mean for sales they should of atleast moved them into the back b/c about 4 other families walked up when I did and we all had the same comments. I almost tried to bargin with them and rescue the poor souls but I don't have the space to doctor them back to health. I just can't believe that they could be so irresponsible and that none of the employees thought gee this looks very gross maybe we should do something. At the feedstore once they start to feather they are 1/2 price.

    OK, my rant is done and now I can paste it into an email to their head office.
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    This... Disgusts me. I can't believe ANYbody could treat those little cuties like that. Good for you contacting the head office, it's people like you that keep the chicken world a good place! Thank you for being a good citizen!
  3. E-mail complete....
  4. Got a response and it said they were not awae of the issue but that they are looking into it. They offered to call me when it was resolved but since I am in the area quite frequently I am going to just see for myself.

    I can see how this could happen if you don't have anyone with knowledge of animals. And also if there isn't communication between who is ordering and who is recieving which can sometimes be the case in large chains such as this. Hopefully they will clear this matter ASAP!

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    My local TSC does a good job of maintaining chicks and ducklings - it's all in the management. I would not have hesitated to report this to a local animal welfare group. When dealing in animals, do it right/humanely, or don't do it. Firmly ingrained in me by my German farm girl mother.
  6. I agree as last year everything looked happy and healthy every time we stopped. I think it is an isolated incident rather than a franchise wide problem.
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    The stores i went to so far can barely keep up with the demand , they never keep them in stock for too long.

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