Bad stomach!


10 Years
Sep 16, 2009
Karachi, Pakistan
My hen started laying eggs recently, she's a year old and now she has a bad stomach. Her stool is very loose.

She has laid 3 eggs in 4 days. She's a Buff Cochin I also have a Buff Cochin rooster with her.

I give them greens and feed (high protein) everyday.

Is there something I can give her to relax her stomach? like something natural?

I give her spinach, millets, red rice and feed. They're out in the open for a couple of hours each day eating all kinds of bugs and what not.

I'm so glad she's laying eggs I don;t want her to fall ill.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I would feed crumbles or pellets - ONLY - for a few days and see if that helps. My neighbor gave my hens a large quantity of ripe pears and apple recently and they became a bit "loosey goosey." I usually look at diet first... Hope this helps.
I would try some canned pumkin or real pumpkin if you can get one (should be easy this time of year
) Loose poo is pretty normal. Mine go through those days all the time. Then it gets back to normal. Heck one of mine has watery poo at times but she is still running around acting all nice and healthy. She goes back and forth. Seems when I feed them pumpkin it helps a little. Someone told me that here and I tried go back to that often. And the REALLY love pumpkin too
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