Bald spots on ducklings wings


May 8, 2017
I'm quite new to raising ducklings and I noticed that duckling didn't start growing anything on two spots on its wings in 21 days now.

They don't seem to be damaged or self pecked now, I did have a feeling they could be yesterday, but when I checked them today again it doesn't seem so - there are just bald spots. I guess they looked a bit damaged because of sun exposure. It loves to forage and it might have been in the sun a bit too long. Red tan has now disappeared.

I assume that I'll have to wait for the first feathers to emerge on her wings before these to spots get covered.

All four of my ducks had bald spots like that. At first, I was worried. But they were fine. The areas grew feathers. I didn't do anything special. Just kept an eye on the ducks, made sure they had plenty of water, plenty of food, plenty of sunshine, and a clean place to live.

If this was my duck, I'd relax and just watch it to make sure it's ok.

Others with way more duck experience may something different.
That might be the reason she is just laying lazy this evening. Eats, combs her fuzz, craps and drinks. It was a tough day outside, I've had her outside most of the day and she swam in the pond for the first time.
Hey, it's hard work going through puberty. We humans tend to spread that out over a few years. These ducks? A few months.

Just a heads up. One of my four ducks (a Khaki) had it's wing feathers sticking out to the side for a few weeks. Like he/she was just too lazy to hold them up to her side. Of course, as a new duck momma, I searched and searched the net for the cause and the solution. Couldn't find a thing. One day I just told myself she's fine. She has no problems, she's happy, she's healthy, and she moves about as though nothing is wrong. She'll grow into her feathers. (Think awkward child with huge feet or hands that are too big...they grow into them.) And she did. One day, her feathers were snugly by her side. :)
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