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    Nov 26, 2011
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    I have noticed some of the brids here have bands, so I am curious on what is your banding system?

    Do you use different colors and different numbers?

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  2. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    Leg bands come in plastic or aluminum. They come in different colors, and some are numbered and some aren't. There are also wing bands and toe punches to use to identify your birds.

    You will have to decide on your own system.

    Some people use a different color for each year. Perhaps males banded on the right leg and females banded on the left leg.

    The numbered bands are useful for showing, because they provide at least a minimal proof of ownership. Put the leg band number onto the entry form.

    With some of the unnumbered leg bands, you can put your name on the band with an engraving pen. Or use your own number/ letter system of identifying the birds.

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