Bantam Araucana cockerels for sale, Memphis TN *UPDATE PICS*


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
Memphis TN
I have 2 bantam Araucana cockerals for sale. One is bb red coloring and the other is white with red on the shoulders (both are from a mixed pen, both are rumpless, non tufted.). These little guys are from Bobbi Porto lines and are very nice. I will get photos later.

$10.00 each

No Shipping

Thanks, Adam
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Here are the Pics




I got eggs and none of them were viable, so may be looking for birds/chicks or eggs in the future. I am about 90 miles south of you in Grenada, MS.

Cool, well this is my first venture into breeding and I have chosen one ofthe most difficult breed to work with but so far everyone has been great and very helpful! I am trying to start with Blue/Black and Splash with the hopes of moving into the Buffs. I have one roo that is Blue rumples tufted, he has a little red in his wings so I am hoping to try and work that out. He is paired with a Blue and Splash pullet both rumples non-tufted and a White rumples tufted pullet. So it should be fun as the adventure begins.
I am sorry you have not been able to sell these guys. You need to pair one up with a nice pullet/hen and bring them on to me! There is someone in Horn Lake coming to get some of my silkies Fri. maybe she could bring them to me, lol. We could organize a chicken transport, ha ha.


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