Bantam blue/back Orpington flock - Pick up- Northern Cal


11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
SacraTomato, CA
I have to re-home my chickens--long story--zoning.... :-( I have two roosters (blue) and five hens (two blue, three black). I have raised these guys from eggs, from 3 different good breeders. Disease free and very healthy. Two of the hens are currently laying, another hen is broody on eggs.

All hatched last spring in different months so they are 8-11 months old; The older ones laid very good through the winter when my other chickens quit. One of the younger hens just started laying so her two sisters should be following suit. The older black hen is broody right now on a few eggs. The two roosters are unrelated too. This was the flock I put together to start a breeding program, but unfortunately things change. I hope someone will be able to follow through with this project. Please email me if you are interested or have questions, $80 or best offer. I would like to sell them all together but would be willing to do them as a trio or pair as well. Please see the link for pics I posted before. I am located in Sacramento, these chickens are for pick-up only. my previous post on them

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