Bantam Chicks Dying Suddenly

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    I HAD five bantam chicks and three days ago I went outside to take care of them and two of them were dead. They had food and water and the other ones were fine. The next day we were gone all day and we got home at dark so I went to take care of them and one was pacing around one the cage floor while the other ones were on the roost, the next day it was dead. The cage is off of the ground and the bottom of the cage is wire mesh so my mom said that something could be scaring them but that one was pacing around on the cage floor so I don't think that something scared it.
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    Cover the floor with several inches of kiln dried hardwood chips. (white bale from Tractor Supply). .
    That will help eliminate chilly drafts as a cause. .Also, while you are there, pick up the smallest bottle of Bovidr Labs Poultry Nutri-Drench. wipe the side of the mouth of each chick with a Q-tip wetted with it. It's concentrated so that will be enough. No need to put it in their mouths. Add some to their water until it looks like very weak tea. Keep them on it for 2 weeks to get them off to a strong start.
    Sorry for your loss.
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