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    [​IMG] The inside of our garage burned last night along with my chicks too young to be out with my other chickens but too old to be in the guest bathroom in our house anymore.My hubby told me to get some more and I am desperately hoping someone can help. If anyone has calico, mottled, splashed, partridge, or unusually colored bantam cochin hatching eggs please let me know who and how much they want for them. I had some fairly nice chicks as I was just starting with the Cochins. I only have 1 now from chicks I got from the farm supply here as a pet. She was in my bantam pen outside with my d'uccles. I am not asking people to just hand me things, and I do want nicer than hatchery quality like I lost and colors that cannot be purchased from hatcheries. I don't show and never will, so expensive eggs from show birds I just can't do money-wise with all of the loss and damage we have here. We have insurance for the fire but not yet not sure how much they will cover but certainly not my chicks.
    Thanks to anyone that can help!

    ps i did cross post this to the bantam cochin forum and the 1.00 in the price box at the top is just there because something has to be there for the post to go up. That doesn't have anything to do with what I would pay.
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    Codyschap has black cochin bantam if your interested.
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    @Mrs. Fluffy Puffy has some nice Splash birds. She has a BIN assortment of bantam and duck eggs listed right now, but if you contacted her she might be able to put together a Cochin-only order.

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