Bantam Cockerel - no leg movement/purple comb

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Hector 666

6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
HELP...I have a young bantam cockerel, just started to crow in a morning (around 12wks old at a guess)

He was lively with a lovely bright red comb. All off a sudden his comb is very dull with purple edging. He cannot stand, his legs are out straight in front of him with no movement.

We are keeping him warm & giving him food & trying to spoon him water (although he isn't keen) he has been like this for a few days. He has improved as he couldn't even hold his head up initially, made his 1st crow this morning after a week. We move his legs during the day, he flaps his wings when on the floor in an attempt to get to his feet.

Any one have any ideas please???
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I'm really sorry for my very delayed response, due to no computer etc.

Your links & advice were BRILLIANT...It helped me hand raise my boy back to full health. He has produced x6 chicks upto now & approx x20 eggs to go..

Thank you very much.

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