Bantam On Her Back Every Morning


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Jan 17, 2009
Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I have been researching and looking and I can't find anything on this. My bantam, Tweetie, in the mornings I come to the coop, and she is stuck on her back with her legs in the air, kicking and kicking. She eats, walks poops and drinks the same, but I am concerned. Has anyone had this happen?
I am so sad for her.
I have to help her. It breaks my heart. Once she is up, she walks ok, and her feet and legs look good, I notice that she likes to sleep nestled next to the wall. She used to freak upset when I helped her, but now she knows I am only righting her. She seems ok otherwise. She was a rescue from the humane society about two years ago, and I believe she was still less than a year old when we got her.
You could try adding some liquid baby vitamins without iron to her water as well as some niacin(brewers yeast to her feed.) I have an old rooster who is 8 and he is having the same problems. I have added the above to his water and it does seem to help a bit., I think his old hips are giving out on him.
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Well I think it is neurological. She is not balanced. poor thing.
I think it is something to do with the dark.

I have a Wyandotte pullet ( always been a little odd ) she used to enter the coop and just sit on the floor of the roost. So one night I tried to put her on a roost bar, but when ever I did this she would throw her head back over her back and just fall off the roost. She would then just lie their ( either on her back or just sitting ) and would only come out of this weird state when I took her out side into the light.
I didn't do anything with her and she seems to be fine now. Every so often if she gets caught out she will go weird but she gets into the coop all alright now and roosts.

Chickens are terrible with darkness. I have heard stories of foxes just walking right into the roost and gently picking an alive hen up in its jaws and just walking away with a completely unaware hen.

Not really sure how to help you out. If it is only been going on for a short time hopefully she will adapt.
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