bantam or not?


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Jun 8, 2013
This spring I posted on BYC a picture of some pullets that I purchased from a family who had bought the chicks purely to show her kids the life process of chicks. She hadn't paid any attention to breed or anything. Now that 2 of the 4 (there was one that ended up being a rooster so he was re-homed) are full size I am wondering if one is a bantam. Everyone on the post seemed to think the black and white was a cochin, she is half the size of her fellow RIR and leghorn, do you think she might be a bantam?

Also, if she is bantam, is she going to be alright in my flock of 2 RIR, 2 leghorns and 1 sexlink? She is by far the smallest, I don't want her to get bullied. She used to be protected from the older 3 by her cohorts but now that they are so much larger than her they pretty much ignore her.

Last question, she is beautiful and I love her fluffy little personality but my husband is pretty set on having a "useful" flock not a "pet" flock. If she is a bantam (and even if she isn't) is she going to contribute much to the egg production being such a small little bird, from what I've read cochin's aren't the greatest layers?

What are your opinions?



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Jul 2, 2013
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She is a Mottled Cochin bantam, pretty girl! I've never had a Cochin before but bantams do eat less than large fowl, one girl that doesn't lay as many eggs shouldn't be much of a difference.
I don't think that she would get bullied much, my silkie bantam is in the top of the pecking order ( though that might just be because my large fowl chicks haven't outgrown her yet). :)
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