Bantams and game types wanted

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    Jul 30, 2010
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    I freerange about 30 assorted hens and a few roosters right now, along with some ducks, a good, a few goats and horses. Oh and hunting dogs [​IMG]

    I am looking for some regular chickens and bantams ... a mix of types (listed below). I mostly want clean legged birds. I am sure I won't find someone here with ALL of these, but would ideally like to deal with just a couple of sellers just to make things easier.

    With the Bantams I just want a few colorful trios so figure I need 6 each type so I have a better chance of not getting 3 cockerels lol

    I live in Missouri but am coming back from a hunting trip to run jackrabbits and coyotes in Wyoming next week so can detour to pick up the right chicks. I got my Murray McMurray catalogue the other day which has me itching to get them now, but I do prefer to buy from private sellers.

    I am thinking about the following regular chickens, and mostly prefer hens although a few more roosters on the yard wouldn't bother me:

    Golden campine
    Modern BB Red Game
    Light Brahma (I know these are feathered footed which is okay, they are supposed to be good sitters [​IMG] )
    Cuckoo Maran
    Blue Andalusians (several of these!)


    OEG's - Silver duckwing, red pyle and BB red
    Quail Antwerp Belgian
    Frizzles (again I know they are feather legged but I wouldn't mind a couple "tumbleweeding" around the yard lol)

    Thanks folks!!

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