Bantams can't successfully mate with a standard.. Right?

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9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
My silkie roo can't get on top of a standard to mate. So I'm pretty sure he can't successfully make any of my hens fertile
(On his own anyways, but I don't do that artificial stuff.)
But I do have one bantam! But she's wierd.... He tries but she runs away and he chases.. He is THE top rooster, and only rooster, on the part of the frontyard where the babies are raised anyhow.
She doesn't lay eggs either. And she doesn't look like a normal bantam buff orp.

Any reasons why she doesn't lay and why she doesn't let Skippy mate with her?

Also, I'm thinking of getting some other bantam hens. I think OEGB, or something similar, can he successfully mate with those? I love mutts of any sort and in the future I plan on making all sorts of mutts. I already have light sussex and barred rock!
Yes the bantam roo can mate with the standard hen without help. It does happen.

Basically a roo will mate with any hen that will let him.
Some hens, once the roo grabs their heads, the hens lay down, making it easier for the roo.

As far as the other question about the hen not laying, I have no clue. Is she old enough?
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Yep we had a cute wee little black silkie rooster at my mom's place and we saw fertilized eggs from the standard hens. I imagine if the hens don't want to cooperate, it's probably pretty simple for them to shrug him off, but it is possible
Wow.. I wish my Skippy could make some nice muttskies
Actually everytime he encounters the year old girls they spar eachother..
Yeah my bigger gals submit for my light sussex rooster, even when he's bluffing. Yes, she is old enough. She's 10 months old and has pinkish red eyes. Odd.

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