Bantie Partridge Wyadotte Pullet

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    I have a Bantie Partridge Wyadotte Pullet. I purchased her at the Boston Poultry show last fall. I've run out of space to have her with my breeds that I have [​IMG]

    According to the breeder she is a show quality pullet. I have way too many banties to show already and will not be able to give this girl the attn and showing she needs.
    She just started laying about 3-4 weeks ago light tan small eggs.

    Please PM with with questions. She has a nice temperment and is hanging out with my silkie's as we speak. I felt bad for her to be all by herself [​IMG]

    Here are more pic's of her:


    Lastly, she was tested by the state of CT on Tuesday of last week. All of my flock is negative for A.I., Pullorum, and AIG. I sell her with copies of this paperwork. I will ship her if I have to but, would really prefer to find a buyer locally. If not sold in this auction I will be bringing her to the Show in MA on May 1st.

    Thanks for looking at my babygirl!!

    Beth G.

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