Banty chicks and chick crumble


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
I have 2 banty chicks, one is 4 days old and one is a day old. I have chick crumble but it seems too big still for them. Should i throw it in the blender or morter and pestal to grind it up more or let them figure out how to break it up more on their own? Right now, the day old isnt really eating yet but the 4 day old seems to fling out that which he can not eat easily. Thanks in advance
Thanks, it was entertaining for a minute to watch this little fuzzball pick pieces up then fling them, but then its sad cause he's trying to find pieces he can actually eat. Ok time to go make a bunch of noise!!!!
It is noisey in the blender or in the freezer bag.

Grinding it up to smaller pieces will save you money, too, since a lot of the feed will be wasted since they won't be able to eat the big pieces.

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