Banty's laid and then


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11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
they quit
we have some year old blue red banty's
they were laying an egg a day ,, usually are 4 in the afternoon ,, they have just uped and stopped laying ,,,
my mom says i aint feeding them enough laying mash
but i have not changed the amount of food or the type
any ideas?

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Hey!!! We had the same problem and my 78 yr. old PawPaw who used to raise chickens for a living told me this...TRY IT !!!! He said to buy red cayenne pepper(wal-mart 2/1.00) the powder kind and mix 2 bottles with about 2lbs of cornmeal.I know this sounds weird but it does something to heat up their insides and start them to laying again. Two days after we gave it to them we had 4 eggs and then more every day. We give it to them about 1 time a month during the winter and starting into spring time. It is a CHEAP fix too!!! Let me know if it works for you. It will not hurt the chickens and does not change the flavor of the eggs. However the yolks are usualy a liitle brighter yellow for the first few days. I hope it works for you. Livia

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