Barnyard Surprise Pack - 30+ eggs for $30, shipping included

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    This is for 30+ eggs. I usually fit 36 in a large flat rate box. I have the following breeds and will include at least a few from each pen.

    Frizzle Cochin bantams (all colors, including mille fleur, buff, white, mottled, pencilled, red, and BBS) - mostly pures, but could be mixed with an Ameraucana roo.
    EE standards (pure EEs in 1 pen and another pen with EE and Cochin roos over EE girls)
    Silkies (pure only, BBS)
    Frizzle roo and BR roo over BR, RIR, BCM, Silkie/EE, BO, & Blue Rock hens

    I also have turkey eggs (BR & RP running together) and can add 6+ for $10 if you want any of those.

    Please PM me if you want an order! No need to press Buy It Now.
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