Barred chicks with slate legs???


7 Years
Feb 2, 2012
Lehi Utah
A friend bought some chicks from IFA and was told they were Australorps. I stopped by today to see how they were doing. They are 2-3weeks and starting to get their wing feathers. BUT they are barred. I thought maybe he had barred rocks cause they seem to be really poplar with the feed stores but even though their legs are dull yellow the front part of the leg is starting
to turn slate. Not just a little but a lot. I have never had a barred chick before so I'm trying to figure out what he has. Sorry no pictures will try to get some later.
If they are pink legs they are most likely Marans, but these sound like Barred Rocks, can't wait to see a picture.
Thats what i was thinking but i have only had two BR and they were 16 months when i got them. One had yellow legs and 1 had orange legs. Do the chicks have this slate yellow legs?
Ya thats what they have. Im pretty sure they are BR cause it seems the feed stores around here order lots of them. They are very poplar due to our cold winters. Marans are concidered a rare breed around here. I paid 8 bucks for a FBCM this spring and got a roo. I will get a picture tommorow of his chicks. I do have am cuckoo and she did not have this barred look as a chick but more speckled. (but she is a mix).

PS. Our little Copper is for sale.
Ya i know its been 5 months since i asked about these birds but hey i got a picture. The only reason i am posting this is cause i ended up with one. And i am still curious. Looks kind like a
BR but the body is not shaped right and she has a rose comb.The last 2 pictures are the most resent from my home.


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