Barred EE's or Araucanas or Ameraucanas


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Mar 9, 2009
I am looking for any Barred/ Cuckoo, Birds either EE, Or Ameraucanas or Araucanas. Does anyone have any they are willing to sell. Day olds, started or adult.
there aren't any barred ameraucana although someone said they are/are going to be trying to, sorry can't remember who......
Gary (geareduplyn) has some project araucana that are really nice looking, can't remember what the pattern was called but they are similar to this araucana

and I haven't seen anyone that breeds barred ee's here, hopefully someone will let you know if they do.
good luck!
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I think DipsyDoodle may have been working on barred EEs. Hopefully she'll see this post and let us know.
Speckled hen sells barred rock x EE/Ameraucana eggs. Look her up. I had a wonderful Barred EE roo last year that I gave way. His chubby checks were a riot.

I know some other folks have them too. But pm speckled hen.

Yes, Jody, I think Dipsy is working on that. I also think Onthespot has a barred EE hen.
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Yes I would, however I can't until middle of April, because of full incubator.
I have some Barred EE Sex links, only mine are still eggs, LOL

I have a EE Roo over two Barred Rock hens, (plus the EE hens and a couple RIR hens too.) From what I read, they should lay a Olive colored egg, I suppose eventually you could get a Barred EE who lays blue eggs?

I can't tell which eggs are the RIR and which are from the Barred Rocks though! My breeding pen is not escape proof, it seems!
Hi Sachasmom,

I would like to purchase a dozen. However I can't until the 12th of April as my incubator is
completely full up at this time.
Please contact me Then.
The barring is a dominate sex link gene in the Barred Rocks, and Dominiques It surpresses dark pigment thats why the leggs and feet in the above are not dark. The Hens have two of these while the Roos have one. The Hens are darker.

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