Barred Plymouth - is that a rooster


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6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
We really can't keep a rooster and if this guy starts to wake the whole neighbourhood up at 3 AM...we're in biiiiiiig trouble!! Any help would be grateful... I've included a picture of both my chickens!
Barred rock boys are lighter than girls so I would say the one in the front is a boy and the one in the back is a girl. The one in the front looks like it's comb is bigger too. Sorry if he does turn into a rooster! I am no expert though, I only have one barred rock and she looks dark like yours in the back! Good luck!
Thanks for your feedback :) fingers crossed its not but I think you are right, although I'm hanging on to the fact that its feet are pretty dark
They hatched July 10th! They are still pretty young! Mine doesn't quite look like your roo...

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