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6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
Apach Junction, Az
I have a hen who is over 2yrs old. i adopted her off of craigslist back in may. She used to lay an egg everyother day. As of Augest she completely stopped laying eggs for us. She does not seem to under any stress or in pain. Is this normal? And at what age do they stop laying?
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This time of year a lot of birds are molting, and will not lay for as long as a month or more. Slow molters may only loose a few feathers at a time, fast molters sometimes look like they have been plucked clean before their new feathers grow in.
Hens tend to lay in cycles. My guess is that she is just taking a break to rebuild her body's resources and then will resume laying. She may very well molt before resuming egg laying.
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