Barred Rock eggs/Black Australorp egg?

Dread Pirate Roberts

11 Years
Jan 20, 2009
Generally speaking, could one make a distinction between the eggs from a Barred Rock and those from a Black Australorp?

Purebred hatching eggs on the cheap my be riding on this.

You will be able too. I had the birds separated, and the barred rocks lay eggs so light they are almost white. The Australorps lay much darker eggs. If you really want pure hatching eggs, separate the birds. But if you cross the Barred Rock rooster to the Australorp Hen, you will get black sex links.
okie dokie, thanks y'all.

I'm just gonna call the farm and ask if they'll set some Australian Orpington eggs aside for me. They're eating eggs, sold at the farmers' market, but they happen to have a flock of Australorps running together, separate from the others.
How do you tell the cocks from pullets in the paring of the Australorp/Barred Rock? I thought only brown roo's mixed with silver hens gave bsl's.
Your're thinking red or gold sex links. Black sex links really should be called barred sex links
The cockerals would have the big head spot and turn out barred, the hen chicks would have a solid head and probably turn out solid black, rather than with the red neck.
Yeah, the eggs do look similar. I bet the "barred" sex link would lay eggs like crazy!! Some of my barred rocks are laying every day...just wish I knew which ones! I have a pretty good idea. Keeping my fingers crossed on my hatching BA's! Thanks for the info!
Why do you say that ? They are named after the hens color since the hens are the ones that are used, the roosters are the barred ones. If that was the case then the Red Sexlinks would need to be called White Sexlinks.

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