Barred Rock Roo acting CrAzy!! Help needed

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  1. Okay, last Thursday (I think) we got our first egg from one of our 3 Plymouth BRs. We have 3 hens, 1 rooster, all housed together. Saturday we left to go on Vacation. We had someone looking after the chickens and goats. He went in to get 2 eggs one day (while the hens and roo were free ranging). Later that afternoon, he went up to change their water and the Roo tried to attack him! Feathers all puffed out, tried to get his legs. Ever since then he takes a stick with him when he goes up there, but EVERY TIME he turns his back to the rooster, the rooster tries to attack him again. He would NEVER hit an animal, but he just shows him the stick and the rooster backs off. He swears it didn't happen until the day he took those eggs out. IS this normal? Then today, we get back from vacation. They are all free ranging.. and the Roo runs probably fifty feet to my three year old daughter, jumps ON her.. and scratches the crap out of her.. Then tried to get my husband for freeing him off my daughter. They were all SOOO sweet before. (we could all pick them up and hold them no problem) even my three year old. Anyone know what could have caused this, and how to fix it?
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    Depending on the age of the bird, it could be caused by a surge of hormones. I would fix by inviting him for dinner...
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    I wish I could help.

    I had a similar situation a few years ago. I had a bantam Cochin rooster who was older than your guy, he was 18 months. Never, ever gave me the slightest problem. I could get on my knees in the coop and he didn't care.

    We went on vacation and had my father in law care for the birds. Came back and that rooster was the meanest SOB I'd ever seen. FIL swore he didn't do anything to the bird....I have no idea. I tried rehabbing him for a good 2 weeks before I finally gave up and dispatched him.

    I hope someone else can give you some ideas, it's heartbreaking to have this happen.

    but, you've got to keep your daughter safe first and foremost. Keep him penned until you're confident he's safe around her.
  4. He's about 25 weeks
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    Get rid of him.
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    I'd get rid of him too.......for the childs sake.

    What happened?
    I'd say he was thrown off by a change of schedule and a different person being there at a prime age for aggression to bloom.
    Overhandling of young cockerel may have also played a part...familiarity can breed contempt.

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