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Ok so my daughters 4-H leader told me that the chicks wont be mature enough to show at the fair. GO FIGURE LOL I only have a couple pure breds that are full grown that the girls can handle. I was told to go ahead and a barred hen for one of the girls. They both handle fairly decent and if penned up the will handle good again. Question these girls were not for show. Its a small town fair probably not the best quality "show" hens but what the heck. i will let the kids give it a go if the babies wont work. Anyway my question is how do you judge a Barred Rock hen? How can I pick the better one for my daughter to show? Thanks for your help oh the girls were hatched the end of March this year so are still young. Thanks!!!
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if its a small town fair like mine they will judge you like this.... they're size and they're barring the judge will try to go by the standard but they will probably return to their roots a huge hen for eggs that is what happened to me they wanted size and A+ barring and unless you live near a show breeder or hatch out some eggs your run of the mill barring wont show well but dont be disappointed next year try white rocks or something that you look for more conformation and not so much color thats my new plan to help me b/c i stress over the little things so the less i have to worry about the better

ok to pick the better one take the bigger one of the bunch and look for very defined will see some of the white bleed into the black so you want the hen that has less of that

hope that helps
OK here are some pics I just took. Odd thing both of their combs are floppy, they are not normally like that. But anyhow here are the two hens..(dont mind the messy kids they had been playing with the chickens.

It's hard to tell with them being held and not standing straight up and with the way the sun is hitting them, but I would say the one the girl in the blue striped shirt has would be the best one, but that wavy comb may be a deduction.
Photos are deceptive but the pullet with the girl in stripes appears to have yellow or more yellow legs than the one with the daughter in blue.

She also has at least more actual points, despite the wave on her comb. That wave will be a deduction. So will be the lack of five points.

The one with the striped shirt daughter appears to have a better back, again, hard to tell with them being held. And back and tail set and angle are important.

Overall, especially if the one with blue shirt daughter has pale yellow or white legs go with the one with yellower legs and actual comb points.

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