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Feb 23, 2018
St. Robert MO
Would you say this is baring? This is my silkie mixish? So no clue on parentage except the male is a possible silkie mix. No clue how that came about cause he looks nothing like a silkie. Mother is a barred rock if you say this is barring and unfortunately a male if so...


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The silky gene is recessive so if you cross a silky and a regular chicken you get regular feathers.

Also, if that is barring it’s a male but I’m not completely convinced. I’ve had a blue cuckoo d’anver and it’s first feathers looked like that, so it’s very possible to be barring.

Does the chick have a dot on its head?
Look for the white mark on the top/back of its head. That's an indicator of a barring gene being present.
That said... That might be barring... Blue barring though, which is difficult to read until their feathers come out more.
I don't think it is barring. I think its just uneven blue.
Barring is hard to see on young blue chicks but seems easier to me since working with lavender with barring. Now that's hard to see.
I think its not barred and a female.

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