Bathing a Keet?


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Aug 7, 2011
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My Coop
One of my keets is a little dirty with some poop from the other guineas on him. Is it ok to give him a bath?
What do I wash him in? Dawn?
Also I am going to enter some of my Guineas in our County Fair, is it ok to bathe them like you would a chicken?
I have with my keets, but just don't leave them unattended. I never use any cleaner, water usually does the trick You could use a wet wipe or a disinfectant wipe on it if it isn't that bad. I have done both
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Be sure to keep the keet warm until thoroughly dried... like under a heat lamp sitting on warm dry towels works good. Its the chilling that can make them sick or even kill them. A blow dryer on low works good too, but stresses the keets out more.
Like the others said- warm water is good.

If you do need soap, Dawn is the safest thing for a bird (specifically, PLAIN Dawn). One of the largest wildlife and oil spill rescues uses it on birds, and I know they aren't alone in that. Just make sure to dilute it so you don't have to rinse excessively.

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