*Battle Of The Clans* A WARRIORS cat role play!

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  2. Fluffy
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    It looks great!thank you!id do it but I have a ipad so it does not work.
  4. thats ok. I love playing with the pics, I could spend hours on it!.
  5. Riptide stalked carefully toward some bushes near the trail that she was patrolling. Quicker than a wink she pounced on a... kit?
    "What are you doing here!?" Riptide questions Wolfkit.

    Oakpaw was gliding carefully towards a mouse, he must kill it and bring it to the clan before sundown, in order to show that he was worthy to become a warrior for the clan. Suddenly he hears a noise behind him, he wheels around only to find himself face to face with... his mentor Eagleye.

    Name: Eagleye
    Age: 30 moons
    Gender: He-cat
    Personality: Strong, big hearted.
    Clan, loner, rogue, or kittypet?: Tree Clan
    History: Son of the late clan leader, Hawkstar. Earned his name by killing an eagle, it took out one of his eyes.
    Status: Warrior
    Other:star clan
  6. Ravenpaw creeps out of camp to going hunting by herself, she follows her secret trail that leads to a small hiden clearing
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    name:leaf paw
    Age:7 moons
    Gender;she cat
    Personality:sweet and kind
    Clan,loner,rogue,or kitty pet?:tree clan
    History:apprantice of river heart.
    Description:a calico she cat
    user name:cluckcluck1215

    as river heart creped thore the under growth,she scented a mouse.out of no were a small cat jumped on her,and clawed at her ear,huh!leafpaw you scared me!haah!i got you,river heart!said leafpaw
  8. Ravenpaw catches a mouse and a squirrel and starts to head back but runs into Riverheart and Leafpaw and starts to creep around them
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    Cluckcluck1215 Overrun With Chickens

    Ravenpaw,I know your ther,I can smell you,said river heart.
  10. Ravenpaw jumps and whispers "Sorry"

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