BCM Roo or Pullet

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Mar 29, 2018
Good morning I am raising my first batch of baby chicks looking for some help sexing them. We got 11 Birds I have a hunch on a few of them but have no clue which ones are boys and girls. I do know that my BCM is approximately 7 weeks old. I have no idea if this is a girl or a boy.
Feel free to give me feedback on the other chicks too! Sorry if i reposted same picture. New on this site too


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How can you tell? I don't see any saddle feathers coming in that are copper colored. Again I'm so new at this I was really hoping Jackie was a Jackie O not a Jackie Chan
Well that's kind of a bummer "Jackie" was the only chick I paid 8 bucks for really hoping for a girl. I guess it's good news there still more chick days at the feed store and I have the hatcheries phone number that's only an hour away. I'm going to start a new feed with pictures of the other girls to see if anyone has guesses on my other birds. Even though we knew some of them were supposed to be pullets it would be nice to know for sure because we know there's margin of error

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