BCW Polish Roo thinks he's a duck

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    I have this 3 year old BCW Polish roo. He use to be mean as Satin himself when he was in a pen, I swear I must have flung him over backwards many times, and one day I flung him into the yard with the bigger roos. [​IMG] I have noticed lately he has been my shadow, following me all around the yard. If I have food he comes over and pecks at my toes, begging for food, I guess my toes are the only thing he can really see through that mop of his. [​IMG] Anyhow, when he is not stalking me he is standing in water, somewhere, whether it's the water dish, a water puddle, the water hose, the AC drip off...... he will even stand in the dish while I turn on the spicket and let it run on his head. Every time I have the hose, I turn around and there he is, any where in the back pasture. He just stands in it for long periods of time, playing in it, pecking at it, drinking it, swishing it, scratching it............... I think the last blow he got to his noggin left him a little mental...... hehe
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    Is his name Daffy?
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    No, I can't post his name on a family forum....... [​IMG]

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