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    Okay so I have a couple of gamefowl and as you know the roosters are aggressive towards each other. I was gone for most of the day A while back and two of them dug a hole under the wall that separates them. It was just big enough for them to stick their heads under and get kicked, their heads were swollen and one had a broken beak but they both seemed to heal up pretty good but just recently I was checking up on one and I noticed that his beak is still a little swollen on the inside and on the bottom half of the beak it looks infected not anything to stop him from eating but I wanted to know if there is anything safe that I can apply to stop it from getting worse?
    Thankful for any help
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    It may need to be cleaned out with peroxide which is very good to debride infected tissue. After a couple of days switch to normal saline. If antibiotics are needed, a vet could prescribe something potent, such as Baytril or enroflaxacin. Feed store antibiotics are limited to procaine penicillin G, Gallimycin (erythromycin,) or one of the tetracycline drugs.
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    Thank you very much

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