Beak tip broke off will it grow back?

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    One of my gamefowl got in fight with another rooster and broke a small tip of the beak off. I know that on parrots they grow back if broke but I also know hatcheries cut beaks to stop cannibalism. I am afraid this will affect his free ranging if it does not grow back somewhat. It is not a large break only a couple millimeters, and there is a small flap of skin left that I don't know if I should trim off. He also has a crack in the side of his beak, but I believe that should heal, at least I hope.

    Unfortunately he killed the other rooster, a much bigger and better looking rooster. I bathed him and checked for other injuries, but could not find anything other than pulled feathers and scrapes, he did turn the bath water red though. This is puzzling as the deceased rooster had both spurs broken off. But I am hoping he will make it. I was planning on breeding the deceased as I am trying to increase the size of my birds, but now he will have to take his place if he makes it. For now I have him wrapped in towels trying to just keep him warm until he rebuilds his blood supply.
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    The beak will grow back is it hasn't snapped off too far back. You could search for some pics of debeaked birds and do a comparison.
    I'd be worried about the crack in the beak, if it's not smooth, it could catch on something and tear. You may want to look around for those missing spurs, make sure they are not stuck in your survivor, if so, they could cause infection. Maybe put some plain Neosporin on the cuts and make sure no dirt or flies get to the wounds. Hope he heals up nicely for you.
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    Quote:Thank you, I intend of feeding him soft food until his beak heals. The tip is only a small portion a I could always trim the bottom to match if it heals short, I looked him over while he was wet and could not find any puncture wounds, I did not see the fight so maybe another bird was involved, I really was shocked that he could kill a cock larger with spurs when his spurs are not grown in and not sharp. Hopefully when he is dry and if he is still bleeding I will be able to see the source of the blood.

    I was not breeding for gameness, as so much as I wanted larger size, and better coloring. So this was disappointing, I have one other large cock but he was not as good looking. On top of that I lost my brown/red a month back that was 8#, I think he had a defect as he grew so fast and large and was still growing. The one I lost this morning was almost identical except for leg color. I am crossing my fingers that my survivor grows more if he heals.
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    You can file the split/crack so it is smooth. then it would not catch as easy.
    I have a couple of Parrots that I have to file.

    just be careful to not over heat the beak. Short sessions is the key.

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