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    Some of us live in very hot areas. I for one, do. Today is 107 degrees. It sometimes gets to 115 degrees here. Here is how ive been protecting my chickens from this heat. First i bought a very thick Shade Cloth with 97% of U.V. rays completely blocked and wrapped this around the entire run. This alone works great up into the 80 degree mark, but above that i need more. I went and purchased a large 4 speed box fan. The fan is attached inside the run. This works through the 90 degree mark. However at 100 or above i needed more so i bought a single standing 3 foot double head mister. I secure it Outside the run, pointed toward the fan and it makes a kind of cooler. This although it get the birds slightly wet, has worked well into the 107 degree weather. They dont even pant anymore thank God. If it gets hotter i can spray down the shade cloth too to drop temperature. The cloth is so tightly woven the water stays on the shade cloth and does not enter their run.i also spray the roof of the run down. The shade cloth is actually a very tightly woven plastic. Its thick and heavy and is nailed into place. The birds get some electrolytes in their water during this heat as well.They also get cold fruit such as watermelon to keep hydration in their this is how i beat the heat for my flock. What do you do to keep your flock cool?
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    Sound like you have some great ideas.
    Where did your purchase the shade cloth?
    I am in Texas and I am sure I could use one of these for the summer.

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    hardware stores should have them (lowes, home depot,etc..)

    they usually will sell them in roll..they are solar screens-- with 80-90% block .. it should be in the windows area of the store

    80%-- you can still see through ok

    90% it's pretty hard to see through

    personally i would not wrap it around the coop/run since these materials will absorb the sun rays.. and heat up .. so wrapping it around the run will make an oven- like space for your chickens :/

    the same concept of sitting next to a tinted window.. you can still feel the heat radiated from the window even thought most of the sun rays are blocked..

    i have something similar..

    i have these lying around the house so i'll use them to cover the top (like shading from a tree for the coop/run)..

    got 3 of these from costco a few years ago 6'x8' block about 90% of the sun .. i think it was $50/each 6-7 years ago though..

    i had no need for them when we moved to the new house with full patio cover.. so now i'm taking them out of the garage and putting them to good use

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