beat up by a 'coon HELP


11 Years
Mar 19, 2008

a raccoon got into our coop( first time. we are new). The sucker actually opened the door....

anyhow he killed 2 of our three birds before I sent him to meet his maker...

The third, is a bit beat up, missing some feathers and such but what has us concerned is what may be a busted beak .

it looks black and blue and slightly crooked. She is breathing fine and takes water if you drip it to her mouth and actually laid this AM.

if it is broke are there decent odds of recovery ?

i do have some moderate medical training (not in birds). her eyes are brite and her rear feathers are full up. she looks OK but stilll...

Keep her inside if you can where it's warm...she'll be in shock. See if you can get her to take some aspirin in her water. It's 5 5grain aspirin dissolved in a gallon of water if I remember correctly.

Her beak may be broken, but I'd leave it alone for now...she doesn't need to be any more stressed...

As for the raccoon, you have to make sure that the masked bandits can't open the doors. With thumbs they can do darned near everything that WE can.

Good luck with your bird...and glad you took care of the raccoon...hope he makes a nice hat.
I don't know about the beak, hopefully someone behind me will have advice for that.

I just wanted to suggest getting Tylan 50 from Tractor Supply Company. It is a cattle/pork antibiotic, but many people use it on their poultry with great success. It's very affordable and would help her fight infection.

It was about $10 for a 100cc bottle, and you only need 1/2cc for a normal sized chicken. You just inject it into the muscle right of the breast. The rest of the bottle can go into your "Poultry First Aid Kit."

I wouldnt give any antibiotics if there is no wounds or not broken as it will kill the gut flora, check the beak and see if in fact it is broken, it should move very easly or flop aound sort of speak. If its broken more than likely there will be nothing you can do as the bones in the jaw are very fragil and thin bones. then start antibiotics hope for the best, a vet may be able to fix at a cost$$$.

If she can eat she will be fine once over the shock, try some treats with her and see if she can eat. If she can eat with no trouble she will be fine. you could try mash also, sofen the food with a lil bit of warm water..

keep us updated on her..

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We had a pullet with a broken beak once, but it was broken about 2/3 of the way down, not right up at the top. Nonetheless, she couldn't eat because it was too painful. The nice folks here helped me through it, but basically here's what it entailed: I brought her inside for several days and had to hand-feed her water (dribbled with an eyedropper) and food (yogurt and very watery mash, I think) dribbled with the eyedropper alongside the edge of her beak. I think I used one of those needle-less "syringe" things they sell at drugstores for giving medicine to babies.) I had to hold her on my lap to do this. She wouldn't have eaten otherwise. After several days the broken part of the beak fell of and new piece regrew underneath (it is like a fingernail, growing on top of flesh) and when the broken part fell off it must not have hurt anymore because she could eat on her own.

I hope this helps: good luck!!
I have a chicken that once broke off the end of her beak. Could only feed her soft, warm foods for a couple of days. How is she acting when she drinks or eats??? Her behavior should help tell you how bad the injury is.
Sorry about your other two birds.
Hi again, I just found the thread from when Phoebe's beak was broken.... apparently I slao fed her tiny bits of bread and shell-less sunflower seedds by sort of wiggling them into her mouth from the side (avoiding the broken tip) and she would swallow them. Here's the whole thread if you want to see it:

, best wishes and good luck!

hey everybody.

thanks for all the replies so far.

it looks like the wife and I are doing it right.

were are giving her water via syringe and made a food mix with the food processor. She is taking the food and is moving her bowels:p.

i think she'll pull through.

I never thought of yogurt !!!! we'll try it too !

thanks !!
Best of luck! Coons are nasty creatures... I had one learn how to open the coop door and lost more than a dozen in one night... that coon also met his maker when he came back the following night for the last few birds...

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