beat up shed and a horse stall


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Mar 5, 2010
Pinon Hills Ca
Ther is an old feed shed on my property, some of the floor is roughted out, the doors are missing, and ther is a whole n the side but other than that its n ok condition. The shed is abot 13'L x 9'7"w x 5'10"T,it rests next to a 24 x 24 pipe stall that I was thinking of converting to a run. I live n so cal it gets cold and windy at night 30 or 40s and it snows and rains every now and then do you think this shed is good enough there r no windows on shed so i would need to figure out a way to improve ventilation.I dont have birds yet but I think Im gonna go with buff orpingtons how many do you think can fit comfortably n this set up. Well thats all I got for now any ideas are apprctd thanks.


I would "brace" the walls with some 2x4s using "dry-wall" screws. You can add "framing" for a couple of windows on the opposing walls. (Used windows are fairly easy to come by. You should get them FIRST that you can set the 2x4 dimensions for the window frames.) If you plan it right, you can add All the "amenities" that you and your chickens would desire.

It is very workable. (I wish I had an old shed like that right now...I need MORE "Coop Area") I twice "rebuilt" old sheds like that and repainted them. I admit that when I finished, they were MUCH BETTER than NEW !!! (One ended up with a "tongue-and-groove" redwood floor !! -from leftover fencing boards.)

If you are not particularly "handy" yourself...a small ad in a local paper or Craigslist would get you an "unemployed handyman" that could do the work for you IF you have the "general plans" that you desire him to create.

just my thoughts...surely there are other opinions.


OOOH...AAAH....I'm picturing a new coop as I write this! I have four buff ops!!! They are the BEST!!!
I second the 2X4 braces and from there you could oh so easily add some wrap around shelves and WAHLAH!!! My girls never use thier nesting boxes they prefer to roost in one area of the shelf and then lay in the corners! Anyway...Here's a pic of my chicken barn...I would like Hubby to add some more wrap around shelves. I free range my girls everyday so they only use the barn to sleep, lay, and live in on snowy days. I would say 20 chickens could easily live very comfortably in there! Blessings, Keri



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