Beautiful group of colored egg layers


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Bristol Va/Tn area
$25 shipped... one dozen.

Pure Marans (french), F1 and F2 olive eggers (ameraucana/marans)...
this is a buy it now, Chickens are laying good... so I can fill several orders. :)

Please PM me with orders, can do all olive eggers or all Marans or a mixture of each...

Edited to remove wellies and barnvelders... :) NOT available at this time...
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Are these pure (the breeds separated?) or mixed (all penned together?) I'm interested in those breeds but I want to find eggs so I get pure Marans, Wellies, etc.........What variety of Maran do you have too?
the olive eggers are mixed... (the americana are with a marans to make more olive eggers... F1s... and the girls that are laying the olive colored eggs are with a marans roo to produce even darker olive colors... ) Mainly interested in egg color here.... not raising for show.
Thanks, just wanted to see if I'd be able to hatch pure Wellies, pure Marans,etc...I've only got 1 Welsummer Roo now, (my hen died) and no more Cuckoo Marans. I want to stock back up on them and add a few more Ameracaunas (or Blue egg layers). (Olive eggs would be awesome too.)
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Do you still raise your beautiful little sizzles?
Hey Lady!!!!!!!!!
No, I don't raise sizzles anymore... went into raising silkies and showing them, gave up the sizzles for the room... :(
There are people on here that have some of my original stock... just gotta find them... I have seen several nice sizzle pics floating around here.
How are yours doing? PM me with that, so the mods don't smack our hands... LOL
How much is shipping?

Also, I want to confirm that I understand correctly that the Olive Eggers are mixed but the others are straight? So the Wellies will be pure Welsummer, Marans pure Marans and so on?
Correct... :)
But if your looking for show quality birds, these will probably not be... this is a group of birds bred and raised to produce big, beautiful, boldly colored eggs, not super concerned bout meeting breed standards, the eggs are the primary concern... The Marans are the french variety...

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