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9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
What kind of bedding can I use for the brooder? I do have a towel for the outside part where the food/water will be, but where they rest in the heated area, I'd like to put some bedding down for them to snuggle in. What kind of bedding is safe to use? These are ideas of mine..........

Care Fresh Bedding
Shredded Pine Bedding
Shredded Paper

Any other ideas I could use for their resting/heating area?

Also, how soon can I give them sweet Peas? Mushed up peas? Spring Mix Lettuce?

Care Fresh isn't that great of a bedding for these messy little kind of fuses together and makes big blobs of goop when wet (which it will be....a lot)

Someone else will have to help you with the other questions. Have fun witth the Ducklings!

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Best is to use pee wee pads and cotton towels. Anything else they may try to eat and can end up with a compacted crop. This can be very dangerous. Mine don't get pine shavings until they move out of the brooder. That is usually around 2-3 weeks of age. I also put a cookie sheet under the water and food to catch the mess.

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