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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Reba24, Apr 4, 2017.

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    [​IMG]So I have had my ducks for less then a year now, I got them lat July and all threw the summer we never had a problem with bees or bugs, but now its April and the weather is getting warmer (I live in upstate NY) and all of a sudden the past few days when we've reached 60° we have had swarms, and I mean swarms of honey bees near and in my duck coup, they are really attracted to the cracked corn it seems, its so bad I can't get near the ducks until the sun goes down. Does anybody have a solution on how to keep the bees away? Please, I think I uploaded a photo, the photo doesn't do justice because at that point we kind of got some of the bees away from the corn for a short minute to dump it to lure them away, also I was too afraid to get closer
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    Give the cracked corn away from where the ducks house is. You only feed as a snack right? I take any treats up the hill from their houses to give out. If the crack corn is attracting them that should solve your bee problem.

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    The bees are looking for pollen and will gather the fines to use the same way they use pollen. If you know where the hives are, you could try putting out some cracked corn closer to the hives.

    As @Miss Lydia said the only real way to keep the bees away from the duck coop is to not feed the cracked corn there. Once there are good crops of blossoms the bees will be gathering pollen and nectar instead of the cracked corn.

    Good luck.
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