Been slightly away, sick with Covad. . . .


Jul 7, 2020
Denver Colorado
So for the past 1 1/2 months Ive been pretty sick with Covid- (My youngest son it seems brought it home from work, 3 out of my 4 family members got it but my wife didn't for some reason) I spent 3 weeks sick in bed, then 3 weeks in the hospital. (Let me tell ya, I'm 60 years old & I have never been that sick.) Lucky my champ of a wife kept my Pigeons fed & watered during that time- Once I got out of the hospital I was pretty weak, could barely walk, barely stand, barely breath & very weak.

4 of my Pigeons were outside in aloft, my original that found & adopted me has a girlfriend & is in a loft in the garage (They get out to fly everyday :) I seemed to make it out of the hospital about 1 week before temps set into like -6 F.

I managed as weak as I was to put together another loft as I worry alot I guess & want my feathered friends to be comfortable at the very least. It may be a little small perhaps but I was in a hurry & low on materials at the time since I just got out of the hospital & could barely stand-

I got 4 young Pigeons in it but it's only 50"X30X30 (50 is the horizontal length) I plan on letting them out as soon as they get used to their loft inside my garage hoping they will come back into it-

It's been tough getting the bowls, the insert, (I ordered the inserts off the internet on E-bay before I got sick, Recently the Bowls on Amazon, but even though they all seem to come from China with multiple weeks shipping at the least.) I ended up buying a bowl at Walmart that look like it was perfect while I wait for the rest of the stuff to get here.

Anyhow, it's only been a few days, I been trying to make a couple nesting areas at least & perhaps build another loft and separate the 4 but tonight I looked & got a surprise- My First Egg!

OK, here's my question, do you think it's to late to try to make a nesting box of some sorts? (Remember there are 4 Pigeons in here.) Also, what are the dimensions for the right size? I dont want to spook them too much- I've though of just building some sort of box and maybe putting it in there.

Anyhow, anyone's expertise would be great since I'm a total noob at this- (I got into this when a Pigeon flew into my Garage trying to evade a hawk & we just became friends)

Thanx to everyone for reading & I hope you all & your friends & families stay safe from this Pandemic.



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7 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
Just provide them with any type of nesting material around. Just place it on the loft floor at this time, and see if the pigeon tries to use it. (twigs,hay,straw,etc.) The nest bowl only is an added convenience to nesting, but not absolutely a necessity. It contains the eggs from rolling out, and keeps squabs from falling out. (when small)
Since you placed your loft inside your garage, then it may not be too cold for hatching those eggs. I always avoided hatching during winter for the COLD reason.
Wishing your health to return to normal :hugs

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