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Behavior changes after rehoming part of flock?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by pointsalamander, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. pointsalamander

    pointsalamander Songster

    Aug 24, 2016
    So I live in a no rooster permitted area. So all roosters that we end up with must find new places to live.

    So this week I had to rehome part of my flock. Below was the flock before I rehomed any.

    So the birds remaining are the silkies and the Salmon Faverolle. As you can see the little grey ones were roosters. They were being raised by the nearly black silkie hen. With the exception of the all grey rooster and the silkie rooster (the orange head in the middle) the flock was getting along GREAT.

    Tuesday I took both the babies and gave them away to a person that would care for them. Upon returning home I immediately noticed a change in behaviors. My salmon faverolle is being a bully. Now she has always been the flocks dominant hen. She is the biggest and she just takes what she wants. When we got home Tuesday she was CHASING the silkies all around the yard.

    Yesterday morning when I got up. My little momma would not come out of our coop. I got her out and immediately the salmon faverolle attacked her. Since momma was limping I put the big girl in time out for an hour. Last night, the Salmon Faverolle wouldn't let momma in the coop. So momma didn't get to bed until after everyone else was asleep.

    This morning. Again momma didn't come out and if I took her out the salmon faverolle chased her (they were well away from each other the big girl had to come hunt her down) she ripped out feathers jumped on her back the whole 9 yards! IT was VICIOUS.

    My salmon faverolle has never behaved like this before. Momma is now not only heart broken with missing babies, but she's being attacked and forced to stay in a nesting box or outside.... she's not being allowed to eat or drink (I put food and water in 3 places one in the coop so momma can get to it today without worry). but this is ridiculous!

    The salmon faverolle is 2. she recently stopped laying but was molting.
    Momma is 5, and was introduced to the flock 10 months ago.
    The other 2 silkies are 5 month old babies. So Momma and the big girl have been together the longest....

    What can I do? I can't let my big girl kill momma and that seems to be what she's intent on. Momma is just terrified. And literally the only thing I did was take away 2 7 week old chicks! I have to rehome the silkie rooster on Saturday and it terrifies me that my big girl is going to just kill both the remaining other hens.
  2. EggSighted4Life

    EggSighted4Life Free Ranging

    Provide big girl with a time out. If in sight isn't enough give her an out of sight time out for a few days and then bring back into sight for a day or so before releasing back into the flock.

    Pinless peepers might be a good option for you.

    Changes in the flock can be very upsetting. :(

    Lovely flock. :fl
  3. DarthVeta

    DarthVeta In the Brooder

    May 7, 2019
    I wonder how common this is.
    I have a Silkie, it has been very caring and motherly to all the chicks it was raised with. One of our two straight run chicks was a rooster, so he and his favorite hen went to live on a real farm. I live in suburbs, I can’t have roosters.
    Suddenly my motherly wonderful Silkie is crowing and attacking the hens, jumping on their backs and ripping at feathers.
    I’m giving it (not convinced of hen or rooster at this point) a time out to see if we can remedy this. Any tips? I’ve read don’t spoil them I’ve read make sure to feed them from your hand! So I’m confused.

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