behavior of your SLW?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Tell about the behavior of your SLW, please. SLW have been on my wish list from the beginning.. BUT then I start reading about them being bossy and mean.. And I really don't need any coop drama.. My BOs do enough bossin' and fussin"---

Also are they SQ, BQ or hatchery quality and what color egg do yours lay.. Thanks
mine are very nice. They are not bossy or mean. In fact, they are very quiet and gental. However, my SLW Roo is a bit of a whimp and gets bullied by my other Roosters.

Not sure he ever get's the chance with one of the ladies either? Kind of sad.
Hatchery quailty, and they're in the freezer now. Had 10 hens for 2 years, and they were bossy, not the friendliest, and certainly not all that pretty compared to good quality Wyandottes.
They laid well though and were pretty hardy buggers.

I've heard lots of good things about good quality Wyandottes though.
my Silver Laced Wyandottes came from Koch Frams near Pekin, IL I bought 12 day old birds and picked them up three days later. They threw in an extra chick. So I had 13. On day two in my brooder, I found one dead....never knew why. Of the 12, 8 were roos and four were hens. I still have all four hens on one of them seems to be my Roosters favorite. Of the 22 total hens I have, she seems to be the one showing the wears of the roos the most. Of the 8 roos, I sold or traded away 6 of them and a 7th one had a crossed beak. He pasted away this winter. I tried to trim back the beak, but I just don't think he could eat any more. My last SLW roo looked good, but during one of out blizzards, all the birds stayed in the coop for a few days and he took a bunch of abuse from the other roosters. They had all got along fine until then. Now he is an outcast. the next week or two, he and a few hens will be going into their own pen for good.

Other than this info, everything I could say about this breed is great! Again. mine were not from a hatchery.
My three are not as friendly as their Rhode Island Red counterparts. They are flightier than the others and flip out when I go in the coop at night to check on everyone. They also think they run the place. They are pretty birds though, lay well and are perfect for colder climates like here in Nova Scotia.

I wanted Australorps and SLWs but the RIRs turned out to be sweethearts. Plus now I have some super cute red sex links!
I do not have the SLW, but, I do have a small flock of blue wyandottes from Privett Hatchery. Wyandottes lay a brown egg.
Most of my girls are friendly, a few are stand offish, 2 are bullies, and 3 love to ride on my shoulder.
I think I did pretty good for hatchery stock.
I've raised quite a few SLW's and a few GLW's. They tend to have the most distinctive personalities, each one her, or his own personality. All are quite independent, not needing to always be in the thick of the flock, content to putter around by themselves.

I have one who has a ferocious temper when she goes broody, a real "wild-cat", biting, growling, thrashing and scratching. When not broody, she's merely independent. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a GLW pullets who's quite docile and tolerates being held, but is still independent. I have a three-year old SLW who hates my two roosters so much she will flog them mercilessly as if she were a rooster.

As for the roos, they can be real sweet, but boy do they love to spar with you. Real fighters.

Generally, I'd say Laced Wyandottes are a real spunky breed, and are very independent.
I only have one hatchery SLW, and she's ok. I get probably 5 eggs a week from her, all between 1 3/4 oz and 2 oz (yesterday's was 2 1/4 oz). She's one of my more reliable layers. Her eggs are a nice medium brown and i can tell they're hers because they are more round than my other brown egg layers. I do suspect that she's a bully, though I've never caught her in the act. But she's the only one in my flock who doesn't currently have barbered neck feathers and my speckled sussex give way pretty fast when she comes through as they're scratching in the yard. She does however seem to get along nicely with my easter eggers though, which is nice because I know the sussex pick on them as I have seen it several times now. She likes to stay at arms length from us and is a little hard to catch up. But once we have her, she's very calm and good for handling. And while she doesn't much like to be touched (although she will squat for us) she does come over and check out what we're doing when we're out working in the yard.

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