Behavior question, not sure if it was good or bad

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    We have 4 2mth old Muscovies which I let out of coop(as always around this time) and brought out our 1mth old Khaki Campbell...One of the males kicked his wings out about 1/4 the norm and fanned his tailed out...Since the Khaki is a female, we at first thought he was just "interested" but once within neck's length he grabbed her by the wing until we separated them...He was doing what we would call a hiss and the female that was hanging right there was doing her version of a "purr"...If the behavior the male showed mean aggression or sexual?...We thought it best to separate them again until we know...Thanx in advance!

    This is Cocoa, the one grabbed, she is pretty hot!:


    The grabber:
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  2. At 2mo I'd say aggression. Ducks do have a pecking order so I'd supervise until they got used to eachother. My Scovy drakes started getting pretty rowdy at that age and were always grabbing the girls wings esp. when they wanted the bath water for themselves. [​IMG] They usually didn't start fighting w/the other boys until they were going on 3-4mo.

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