Belgian Bearded d'Anvers---- Build your own order

Backwoods Bntms

8 Years
May 6, 2011
Northern Virginia
Build your own order the following is a list of the eggs I have collected yesterday and today. Price is per egg. These are very good d'Anvers and show quality is possible. My flock is NPIP and AI clean. These will ship Monday morning. Shipping will be 14$ for a dozen and 16$ for what I can get in a large priority box.
Variety Price Number
BB Red 2.50ea 6 eggs
Porcelain 3.00ea 11 eggs
Mille Fleur 3.00ea 6 eggs
Silver Quail 4.00ea 16 eggs
Blue Silver Quail 4.00ea 5 eggs
Quail 1.25ea 5 eggs

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