Bella squatted twice today!!


7 Years
Feb 28, 2014
Hanging into Texas
My six ladies are 21 weeks old and I have been a bit impatient about eggs! I picked up a dozen and a half at the store yesterday. Today I went out in the run and sat in my lawn chair to visit and take a few pictures. About half-way through the visit, one of the gals ran up behind Bella and she squatted....with her wings slightly extended (like she was protecting her chicks!). Later she came over toward me and as she turned to leave, I touched her tail and she squatted again and I was able to stroke her back! I have brown leg horns and they normally aren't the petting type! I'm really excited now! How long after they squat do they start laying!!

I noticed that someone had re-arranged the straw in one of the laying boxes. Maybe it was Bella!
I have 10 pullets that are currently between 20 and 21 weeks old, and two of them started laying last week. They both started squatting 3-6 days before laying their first egg.

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