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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Swamp Dog, Mar 10, 2012.

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    long time lurker, probably my first post. Moved to NH from MA about 4 years ago. Really like the whole "Live Free or Die" thing. That is, unless you want to have chickens in Belmont. We rented nearby until we found a house that we love (and could afford). Belmont never was on my radar, but the house is perfect for us. Could not wait for this spring so I could get some chicks.

    Fast forward to last week. We start the coop in the garage, and head to Town Hall for the building permit. This is where it all goes south. My lot is .72 acres. You need 3 to have chickens. I can probably get an exemption for that. The problem will be that the coop needs to be 50 ft from the property line. Well, that's where the house is. Well is in the front, septic is in back. There MIGHT be a small spot in the front of the house where it could go, likely right on top of the paved walkway. The front faces a busy road, the back faces the street that is actually our address. We come and go from the "back" of the house so I would not mind having the coop in front.

    I'm already tired of the red tape and BS. Tired of arguing with the spouse about it all. Of course it's all my fault for not knowing all of this before we moved here. Floors me that in bum**** NH it's harder to have chickens than where we were in MA.

    So, that's my whine. Just looking for advice and resolve. Or a place to unload a partially built coop.

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    well, im in BF Mass, my town ordinance so far as I can tell is 100ft from road or property line and minimum of 5 acres! lol, they can suck an egg, Ill even give it to them. cus Im doing it anyway.
    My Dad has had chickens for 25 years and never even once looked into the law. So im going the same route.

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