Best breed for broody hens


8 Years
Jan 5, 2012
Columbia Gorge, Oregon USA
Does anyone have some suggestions for a good breed(s) of chickens for me to keep to provide me with a supply of broody hens for hatching eggs? I want to avoid bantams as I plan to breed Jersey Giants and want the broody to be able to sit at least 10 eggs. Someone has suggested standard cochins to me. I am looking for a breed that goes broody often and reliably and that is a good mother. Thanks!
Buff Orps are said to be some of the best and can cover a lot of eggs.

Personally I keep Brahmas amongst others and they have been ridiculously broody....some as many as 4 times per season. I have two thinking of going broody at the moment.
We've several different breeds but the Coucou de France have proved the most likely to go broody and the best mothers. Collecting the eggs at the end of day can be difficult if they've found them as they'll sit tight and defend the nest, regardless of whether the eggs belong to them. Saying that, only three of the four do this, the biggest and most prolific layer has no interest in brooding.
From my experience - Cochins - i dont have them but i hear Silkies as well. I currently in january have two hens trying to go broody now! They are crazy broody!
Have you tried asking on the "Where am I, Where are You?" thread to see if someone in your area wants to unload a hen that keeps going broody? (undesirable trait if your goal is egg production...)

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