Best breed for eggs and meat. I have a list


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Here are the eggs that are available to me in my area. Which ones would be best for eggs and meat? I don't have a lot of room so I can only have about 6birds. Id like to process them when that time comes as well. Thanks for your help.
Barred Rock
Leghorn Maran/ Black Copper Mara
Red Sex links, Black Sex links
Rhode Island Reds
Black Astrolorps, Jersey Giant, Bantam X, breed with Cochin X, Old English Bantam, Sumatra X, etc. roosters
I have no clue on what to buy. Thanks in advance.
I did a little research and it sounds like its between the BR and the RIR. What do you think?
Are they ok to have together? What I've read is that BR can be bossy but are also friendly.
well it's weird, we tolerated him and just learned to keep an eye out, plus he only went after a few people, not really everyone. He ended up blind in one eye because we had something go through the flock. Got better and learned to adjust to the one eye. Then one day I went out to feed everyone and he was dead in the driveway. It was weirdly enough sad to see him dead.

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