Best breed of bantam?

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    Jun 14, 2016
    I'm new to bantams and own one Silkie. I am looking I to buying a few more Silkies but $138 seems to be a lot of money for five hens and roo (assorted) is this a good price? If not, what other bantams are good for beginners? I'm thinking Cochins or D'uccle. I'm probably ordering from MPC. Opinions and pictures welcome.
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    Aug 16, 2015
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    Hi babyandcotton
    That isent a lot of money if they are show quality.
    I have spent €30 ($35)per hen which are show quality
    Which i sourced from a top breeder of that specific breed.
    So if you want good quality birds you will have to pay good price
    But if you just want the silkies for something different you could
    Just buy them in a hatchery

    2 out of my 3 breeds are bantams
    They are silkies and Barbu d'Anver.
    I would say any bantam breed are good for a beginner.
    Here's some pictures of my Barbu D'Anvers at the
    Irish National Show hosted by the
    "Irish society of poultry fanciers"

    In this picture my Barbu d'Anver rooster isent in a great stance.
    His wings are straight down when he is standing properly

    And here is some pictures of my silkies

    Again if you don't pay a good price at the start you hens won't be as good quality.

    Goodluck with them
    And I would say yes to buying the silkie set
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