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Aug 16, 2013
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I love my little flock but I am curious as to other breeds. I can not get 2 of each breed-no room.

So I would like to hear from those of you out there that have experience with several different breeds of chickens.
Why are they your favorite?
What breeds tend to be friendlier?
Which are good at raising baby chick?
Which are good for dual purposes?
What breeds have the largest eggs and are consistent?

Don't forget to add rooster behavior in your descriptions!

Pictures are of course welcome:)

No arguing, please respect each others opinions!
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Really, the best BYC breed is the breed that you particularly like the looks of since, for the most part, they're eye candy!

I have lots of breeds and I keep adding since I enjoy watching all the different sizes, shapes and colors.

The birds that tend to be the friendliest are the larger birds or birds that just do not see very well (Silkies, Polish, etc).

As far as hatching eggs, the Silkies and Cochins are probably at the top of that list.

The Black Australorps (among others) are very good dual-purpose birds that lay large eggs, are cold hardy, and docile.

This year I added Light Sussex to my flock for a good dual purpose breed. I find them to be docile as well and not to smart (which makes them comical to watch).

If you want an egg layer only, I'd get some of the laying hybrids (Golden Comets, Red Sex Links, etc... -they go by different names each year).

I'm sure you've discovered as you read through the forum that everyone has their favorites and a breed that might be 'friendly' for one person may be the devil for another.

LOL well I am going for breeding, which I have already picked my breed of choice for that-Buff Orps, and also dual purpose birds. I have a polish that I adore and will be adding another this week (yes it will be quarantined). I am also getting 2 Silkies because they are pretty-these are purely for looks not for egg production. I LOVE the color of many birds and I would like to add around 4 more birds. Not sure which yet.

I realize people have different favorites and that's why I thought it would be fun to talk about it and get a good sense of BYC members opinions and inputs.

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